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American Ginseng in the Media


Videos on American ginseng

American ginseng in the News

Ginseng News Articles

VDACS Issues Warning Regarding Overharvesting of Ginseng

Ginseng Harvesting is banned in Nantahala And Pisgah National Forests for the second year

Can Ginseng Help Diversify W.Va.’s Economy? Part I  & Part II

The Promise and Predicament of Ginseng in Appalachia

Ginseng’s Best Kept Secret: Missing the Leaf for the Root

Ginseng History

How the Hunt for Wild Ginseng Changed America

Appalachian Ginseng Opened Trade With The World

Ginseng hunting traditions have deep roots in East Tennessee

Media Portrayals

Dr. Jim McGraw’s Response to Appalachian Outlaws

PR Newswire: UPS and AHPA: History Channel Criticized for False Portrayal of Ginseng Harvest

Ginseng trade not 'Wild West' that TV portrays

Ginseng Reality TV: Cultivating Conservation or Encouraging Extinction?

How a native plant ended up on reality TV, and why it's at risk

Reality TV, Tradition, & Misconception: Ginsenging in West Virginia

Ginseng Science

Wild Ginseng, Wood Thrushes, and Climate Change: A Survival Story

Ginseng Reality TV: Cultivating Conservation or Encouraging Extinction?

Ginseng Under Threat: Harvested Faster Than it Can Grow
Conserving American Ginseng

National Science Foundation: On World Environment Day and Every Day, the Stress of Being Ginseng

National Geographic News: Ginseng-Hungry Deer Eating Appalachian Tradition

Scientific American: Edacious Deer Endanger Ginseng

National Public Radio: Deer, Not Thieves, Are Depleting Ginseng Resources

NBC News: Ginseng Extinct? Deer Nibbling Away at Plant

The New York Times: In Appalachia, Stalking the Wild Ginseng Gets Tougher

Getting to the Root of Ginseng Farming’s Impact on Native Plant Populations

Illegal Harvest

2 Poachers Sentenced over Illegally Harvesting Ginseng Roots Ginseng Thief Convicted, Must Pay Nearly $4,000

Journal News: Preble County Man Faces Murder Charges

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:100 cited in Wisconsin probe of illegal ginseng harvesting

National Public Radio: High-Tech Methods Used to Deter Ginseng Poaching

Blue Ridge Now Times-News Online: Whittier Man Gets Jail Time for Harvesting Ginseng

Knox News: Four Men Sentenced for Ginseng Poaching in the Smokies

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