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Website Feedback is an evolving website. As new peer-reviewed science is published, the site will be updated with the latest information. In addition, we appreciate being made aware of any incorrect information or non-functional links, etc. found on the site. Feel free to let us know if any information on the site is confusing to you, so the presentation can be improved.

This website strives to ensure that the information provided:
1) is up-to-date, accurate, and relevant to wild American ginseng conservation,
2) information is accessible and easy to understand, and
3) is fully accessible to everyone through this public website with links and resources.

If you have a suggestion for how we may improve or expand the website, or if you have additional content that you would like to see represented, contact us using the form below. Please know we value and welcome your feedback. All of the feedback we receive is reviewed, and will be used to update the site at least annually. 

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